About Our Shop

Jack Squire Supply Co was founded out of both an expression of what business might be like, and a need to express ourselves in the marketplace. Founded by fine artist LaurenPatrick and her partner in business and in life Micheal Burke. Jack Squire is based in booming downtown Saint Petersburg, FL, and online.



Photo credit: Motion Minds Tampa, FL


Jewelry is at the heart of our business,  we hand make, source vintage, and offer selected fair trade pieces.  We are expanding Jack Squire to offer a wide range of accessories including fair trade and indigenous jewelry from around the world.

Environmental Stewardship

The status quo of business taking and not giving back, while polluting our earth is changing thanks to this generation. We believe business can be ethical again, and we are committed to becoming as sustainable as humanly possible while giving back more each year as we grow. Currently, we work with fair trade producers who provide living wages to their workers, which help transform poverty stricken communities. Our selected donation charity is Sea Shepard Conservation Society. Sea Shepard is pivotal in the fight against illegal fishing in conservation areas.

Artist Representaion

 We at Jack Squire have a true love of artisans and fully respect the struggle and commitment  it takes to be one. Born from first hand experience, we believe talent needs love and support. We feel greatly fortunate to be able to find, meet and then support talented artisans by selling thier wares in the western marketplace. 

Photo Credit: Bridge & Bloom St. Pete, FL  

Photo Credit: Bridge & Bloom St. Pete, FL